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Date Passed

is an award-winning thriller that tells the story of the complex relationship between Razi, a Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Service) officer, and Sanfur, his teenage Palestinian informant. Sanfur is the younger brother of Ibrahim, a sought-after Palestinian militant. Razi recruited Sanfur when he was just 15, developing an intimate, almost fatherly, relationship with him. Sanfur, who has always lived in his brother’s shadow, thrives on Razi’s attention. Now 17, he struggles to navigate between Razi’s demands and loyalty to his brother, living a double life and lying to both.

Co-written by Israeli director Yuval Adler, and Ali Waked, an Arab journalist who spent years in the West Bank, and based on extensive research, Bethlehem transcends perspectives, revealing the impossible situations and moral dilemmas associated with the dark and fascinating world of military intelligence.

“This tightly wound clock-ticking thriller examines the Arab-Israeli conflict to impressive effect.” – Variety

Winner of 6 Ophir awards, including Best Picture, Director and Actor, from the Israeli Film Academy
Israel’s 2014 Academy Award Submission for Best Foreign Language Film

Mature language and subject matter – recommended for viewers 17 and older


Director: Yuval Adler

Languages: Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Run Time: 99 minutes

Israel 2013