Fill the Void

Sunday, March 9


Regal Ballantyne Village Stadium 5
3:00 PM

Fill the Void’ Journey

Fill the Void

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Fill the Void tells the story of an Orthodox Hassidic family from Tel Aviv. 18-year-old Shira is about to be married off to a promising young man when her 28-year-old sister, Esther, dies in childbirth. Shira’s own marriage is put off, and when her mother suggests that she marry her late sister’s husband, Shira must choose between family loyalty, religious duty and her own desires.

This groundbreaking feature is the first film to be made by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman for a general audience and has been lauded for being an accurate, respectful depiction of Orthodox life.

“This stunning drama takes the viewer into the marriage practices of a hermetic community, offering an intimate, if fictional, view of how matches are made. Ultimately a love story, Fill the Void is most surprising in revealing unexpected emotional connection and subdued passion in places where love is most often a last consideration.” – Regina Weinreich, Huffington Post

“Burshtein’s lush visual sensibility, and the subtle performances of the excellent cast, create an aching portrayal of longing and interdependence that transcends the boundaries of the family’s small world.” – Diana Clarke, Village Voice

“An enthralling, stirring tale…directed with a sure, delicate touch and great intimacy by Rama Burshstein.” – Manohla Dargis, New York Times

Winner of 7 Ophir awards, including Best Picture, Director and Actress, from the Israeli Film Academy
Israel’s 2013 Academy Award Submission for Best Foreign Language Film


Director: Rama Burshtein

Languages: Hebrew with English subtitles

Run Time: 90 minutes

Israel 2012