Igor and the Cranes’ Journey

Saturday, March 8


Regal Ballantyne Village Stadium 5
7:30 PM

Igor and the Cranes’ Journey

Igor and the
Cranes’ Journey

Community Partner:
Temple Beth El

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Dessert Reception, sponsored by Chai Expectations, follows the film.

When eleven-year-old Igor witnesses the birth of a crane along with his ornithologist father Peter, Igor christens the hatchling Karl and vows to watch over him. Relishing this opportunity to get to know his father, whom he has hardly seen since his parents divorced, Igor is understandably upset when his mother tells him that she has decided to immigrate to Israel.

Having difficulty adjusting to life in his new Israeli school, Igor finds solace in tracking the migration of a flock of cranes – including Karl – using his father’s website. When Igor discovers that Karl has become separated from the flock, he joins forces with Peter to find the young bird – an experience which brings the estranged father and son closer together. An engaging and heartwarming film, Igor & the Cranes’ Journey demonstrates that, with a little perseverance and ingenuity, we can all help inspire change.


“Migration is a test of personality and character. Some pass it, some fail, but no one stays the same as before. This is a story about a boy who succeeds in a very unconventional way: by connecting with nature.” – Evgeny Ruman, Director

“With exquisite cinematography and sensitive script, Igor & the Cranes’ Journey is a perfect film for dreamers ages 10 and up.” – Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival

“Having screened to great audience reaction at the Toronto and Chicago International Film Festivals, Evgeny Ruman’s moving and poetic exploration of childhood, loneliness and friendship defies age to appeal to cinema lovers of all ages.” – Jewish International Film Festival


Director: Evgeny Ruman

Languages: Russian and Hebrew with English subtitles

Run Time: 90 minutes

Israel, Poland, Germany 2012