The Zig Zag Kid

Thursday, February 27


Temple Israel
7:00 PM

The Zig Zag Kid

The Zig Zag Kid

Community Partner: The Hebrew Cemetery Association of Charlotte

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This coming-of-age film adaptation of famed Israeli author David Grossman’s children’s novel tells the story of a 13 year old on a secret mission to discover the truth about the mother he never knew.

Growing up without a mother hasn’t been easy for thirteen-year-old Amnon “Nono” Feierberg, the son of the world’s greatest police inspector. Nono’s constant attempts to impress his father inevitably land him in trouble, with his latest escapade resulting in his being sent away to stay with his uncle just days before his Bar Mitzvah. While on the train, Nono finds a strange letter that directs him to complete a special task. With only twenty-four hours to go before his Bar Mitzvah, Nono has to complete his mission and along the way, uncovers family secrets.

The Zig Zag Kid is a stylish, sharply written and wonderfully entertaining adventure that will charm audiences with its imaginative and uplifting tale about growing up and discovering who you are. Co-starring Isabella Rossellini.

Four Stars! “Say yes to Nono. (This) “Pink Panther”-style caper is cute and clever.” –Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“Fast-paced, whimsical coming-of-ager The Zigzag Kid is a charming period picaresque that offers old-fashioned entertainment for tweens and adults.” – Variety

The Zig Zag Kid is a fantastic film that I’d be more than happy to share with my kids. Its wondrous, whimsical imagery, playfully elusive mystery plot, and sprawling sense of adventure make me jealous of any kid who’s lucky enough to add it to their budding movie memory bank. The Zig Zag Kid‘s irresistible charm leaps off the screen thanks to director Vincent Bal’s flourishing imagery and gifted cast.” – Way Too Indie

Grand Prix Award, Kyoto International Children’s Film Festival 2013
Winner, Young Audience Award, European Film Academy 2013


Director: Vincent Bal

Languages: Dutch, English and French with English subtitles

Run Time: 95 minutes

Netherlands, Belgium 2013